Greener Fields Firearms has been a vision of Mark and Stephanie Parden for many years. Mark grew up shooting and hunting in Mobile, Baldwin and Clark Counties of Alabama, and developed an interest in gun smithing at a very early age. In college, Mark shot on the University of South Alabama ROTC rifle and pistol team, and was associated with a small combat pistol club. In 1985, Mark went to work with the Alabama Marine Police Division of the Department of Conservation. His job eventually led him to a post in Orange Beach. Stephanie was raised in a gun-owning home as well, and as she had no brothers, she enjoyed ample time around her Dad and his Sportsman friends while growing up in South Florida, learning of hunting, shooting, air boats and smoked mullet. Together, Mark and Stephanie dreamed of owning a firearms and related equipment shop that offered full service gun smithing, custom reloading, and training, but Mark’s career in Law Enforcement left little time to pursue their dream properly. Now after 29 years of service in Law Enforcement the dream is coming true.

Currently, Greener Fields Firearms is a licensed firearms and ammunition manufacturer, providing full service gun smithing, and custom ammunition reloading. Customers may come in to the shop in Foley to discuss their needs, or drop off and pick up firearms for repair. We feature firearms for sale and accept firearms for consignment. We are working toward offering more services and products as we grow.

The name, “Greener Fields”, has a two part origin. As it applies to firearms, Mark has long admired the innovative genius in design and manufacturing of fine quality firearms by W.W. Greener, and holds that as a benchmark for what our customers may expect; “Fields” in context with “Green”, is taken from Psalm 23, and is an adaptation of “pastures”. It is our belief that if we use our firearms experience, training, talent, and this business, to glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and be witnesses for Him, that our humble endeavor will be blessed and prosper. To that end, we plan on serving Baldwin County Sportsmen and firearms owners for many years.